01 August 2007

I lived with a Nuzzler

Why this claim is iffy at best.
by electric fence
08/01/2007, 4:00 PM

I lived with a Nuzzler. Not just any nuzzler - this cat nuzzled like some people smoke: any time's the right time to light up. Once while nuzzling me he nuzzled so hard that he rolled right off my shoulder and straight to the floor; thud. He nuzzled me more than I kissed him and that's a lot of kisses. Based on an average of about 100 kisses a day over a period of 10 years he was kissed .. well do that math - this cat nuzzled me more than that number - take this as Gospel. Now imagine if I was dying: well there you go, proving this theory of Nuzzling is iffy at best. Primarily, cats 'nuzzle' to mark. Unless your cat really, really likes you, a lot - which I admit is possible; possibly, your cat really likes you as much as my extraordinarily smart cat liked me and so nuzzles you beyond marking. Okay maybe it's possible and possibly more than possible that a cat can sniff death. I could smell my cat dying, literally - cancer just fucking stinks. I will never forget.

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