01 August 2007

If I were a man, I'd pop you in the snoot.

by ellen__
08-01-2007, 8:09 PM

YOU FUCKING, LYING, ASSHOLE. I just read your gossipy shit over on that other nuponq thing, you scumbag. I've never, ever "bandied" cat's name about, I defy anyone to prove I have, ever. I've always admired her poetry and other writings, said so, and by God, she knows that. And you, you little fascist, Tempo has had HER name dragged through the mud, for some reason she pays the price while other assholes like yourself never do. It's the principle with me you dumbass. If I were a man, you back-stabbing prick, I'd pop you in the snoot. I hope you get some evil sickness and die a excruciatingly painful death. You're an insidious liar and a gossip. --------------- That felt very, very good!

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