09 January 2002

Coming Clean

Subject: The "QUOTE" game.
From: Ender
Date: Jan 9 2002 8:04PM

Tempo is on a mission. As many of you know, I recently requested of Tempo that we should go our separate ways. Since then, apparently, she believes that if she can't be my friend then none of her friends can be friendly with me either. Don't you love people like that, they pick a fight with someone and then they put you in the middle. Unlike Tempo, I won't ask you to chose but I thought I could do Tempo one last favor and save her some time. I typed Ender into the search engine and compiled all of Tempo's many thoughts on me. Now, with my star, I will repost them for all to read.

"I DO think there's a thread of pettiness, not to say meanness, in both Ender's question...


Nah, just go flame Ender for me. Talk about behaving like a Flaming you know what. He IS the King.

Go see BOTF, ok? follow up MBTU...MAN is he uptight?

Or what??

later, gator, T.


How do you like ole snotty Ender putting us down -- AGAIN -- bec. we dared to defend SOM and say a few things to him?? What an arrogant guy he is, of course, I've always thought that of him.


I know he's incapable of it, frankly, a-z but I have always thought FAR FAR more of you. As you know....

Ender will not respond to my post, below, asking if there was a misunderstanding.. . (Of course....)

Will **you?** (N.B., I expect MORE of you, g o a-z than I ever would or could....from him)


Dear bl, please see Ender's orig. post above, w. snippy comment about me, kit and SOM; then see my posts above in response.

You will notice he does NOT reply to me (after all, a mere woman, a foolish poet, and NO STAR either)...Ender, who was at fault, has totally turned the tables, verbally, and now seeks to **BLAME me, kit and SOM for his nastiness toward her? I've asked ghost of a-z to reply to me; let's see if she will. I always have higher expectations of her.

There's a name for that behavior (**) in Psychology, Brandon, what is it?


p.s. A couple of shots of WHAT for Ender? The non-arrogance gene? He could use THAT....


oh interesting ....so you *did* catch all that with "Mr." Ender, eh? Mr. in quotes bec. appar'y he think he's G*d or something;


As one who WAS involved in that brouhaha, mary, I have to take offense at your use of the term, "String GangBang." It wasn't that at all and if it was or if YOU are interpreting it that way, frankly, he deserved it.

I think Ender has "merely" over-reacted. He is obviously so unused to ANY criticism that, in his usual arrogant way, he can't take any. He totally over-reacted, there.
His "threat" to leave the Fray was obviously bogus my word) and "staged" (John McG's word) and you ALL STAR posters that is) fell for it, then fell in line.
sucking back up to him and welcoming him "back," when he clearly WASN't GOING ANYWHERE.

Ender started off in the wrong, he continued to be in the wrong, and he ended up being in the wrong.
He is STILL in the wrong with that nasty slap at me (which several are starting to see as undeserved and have posted to me, as so)

IMHO. and he's got his nerve dumping on ME for trying to defend someone who constantly gets attacked around here. There's a lot of STAR-in-group clubbiness going on in that thread.

Perhaps a little SELF-examination is in order?

loveya and with respect as always, but I do think most of you guys are MISreading that thread. But now you're just afraid/hesitant to say so. Afraid he'll have your STARS stripped for stepping out of line? That IS what it looks like, dear mary. "

Your turn Tempo.

I invite you to return the favor; my MBTU is not that long that you should be able to quote right back at me all the terrible things I've said about you. Oh, never mind, other than the stuff that was true and you already admitted to, I haven't said one bad thing about you. Really, look. Come on Tempo, really, let's have it but remember, we're playing the "QUOTE" game, not the imaginary slight game.


Subject: Coming Clean
From: Ender
Date: Jan 9 2002 8:09PM

A-z pretty much nails it here (m=2687155). However, unlike her, I have no regrets. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with my post and the subsequent thread.

A-z also points to Amber/Feisty Wench's and Ms. Logical as inconsistent. At the time, I had no idea who Feisty Wench was and I still am not familiar with Ms. Logical. Therefore, my policy of ignoring no-name flame baiters applied to them and still does.

The following is a recounting of events that culminated in my inspired (and admittedly ill-conceived) ruse of leaving the fray.

It all began with Tempo:

I recently came across one of Tempo's posts (m=2612699) in which she berated a poster for taking umbrage with Star of Moira. I recalled an instance when Tempo took similar offense and exhibited a similar degree of frustration with a poster (m=2184629) and brought it to her attention. Tempo proceeded to express disappointment that I would attempt to embarrass her and implied that I was woefully misinformed or simply fallacious. I provided her with the link at which point she was forced to admit that a) she was being a hypocrite; b) recant her accusations directed at me; and c) the poster whom she had taken issue with was in fact the same SofM who back then was regularly recognized as B&C.

It is my opinion and my impression that Tempo has been gunning for me ever since.

Apparently Tempo felt that I should have acknowledged her humble apology and was upset that I did not, in essence, conform to her expectations. Tempo also e-mailed me, inquiring as to my experience in the Navy. I was not inspired to answer her again but in this instance because I had already answered her in a prior thread which she must have forgotten. Unfortunately, that thread has now disappeared but perhaps she will recall it since it was in the poems fray.

The way I see it, Tempo is a very prolific poster and a character to boot. I've enjoyed many of her posts and have had a number of rewarding interactions with her. What became apparent to me though was, not only would she promptly forget the content of any exchanges we had but in order to stay on a laudable footing with her, I would have to cater to her sensibilities ( i.e. entertain her). Suffice it to say, I consider it to much work to stay in her good graces.

Now kit:

Kit took exceptional exception to my post on SofM. She was not only inspired to attempt to damn every offshoot of that particular post but even went to other threads I'd started to lend a disparaging remark to two. Now what bothered me about this was not kit's expressing her opinion or even her shadowing of me but the fact that SofM did nothing to allay her fears. You see, all the while kit was frantically tracking me down and berating me, SofM was doing the same under the new alias Top quark (See these MBTU's m=2664827 & m=2663012). As Top quark, SofM showed that she could post in a more conventional manner which addressed kit's main concern. You see, kit came to SofM's defense since for all intensive purposes, it appeared that SofM could not. Now, I figured it out and others figured it out but not kit. I suspect it didn't suite her chivalry to recognize that SofM is just as capable as the rest of us but unlike the rest of us, is not inclined to maintain a regular MBTU.

So I vowed to quite the fray and have the offending post deleted. IOW, I was going to punish myself for a perceived offense and engage in censorship. Now, I named Tempo, kit and of course SofM in this parting post. Tempo stepped up to the plate but did not attempt to stop me or save the post. Kit, after hanging on every post I made was nowhere to be seen and SofM was posting under a variety of other aliases (business as usual). You see, I wasn't really leaving, I was testing the character of each of my judges and they all failed. They condone censorship and are perfectly willing to banish someone who doesn't conform to their standards. I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them was actually patting themselves on the back, thinking, I took down a star poster.

Oh, and in response to the inevitable, "I knew what you were up to and I wasn't going to play your game" retort, save it, you're a dollar short and a couple days late.

Finally Tempo

I'm done, you can rant and rave about me all you want but I'm done. Goodbye


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