09 May 2002

i don't need to prove anything

Subject: oh please. i don't need to prove anything to
From: locdog
Date: May 9 2002 1:56PM

you or anything else. i'm entering the military because of what i believe, and that's enough for me. i'm sure i'll find lots of ways to avoid danger as a carrier-based fighter pilot, which is what i'm going for. nice safe duty, that.

locdog has been accepted into flight school and will be departing when he's finally got his degree


Subject: who says i've never served a day?
From: locdog
Date: Oct 17 2002 6:59AM

i'm nrotc on temporary deferral. if there's a war, i'll likely be activated. how bout you?


Subject: so...that's it?
From: locdog
Date: Jul 15 2005 7:35PM

not much in the way of a response to offer you, but i'll give an observation:

flame wars are like occupations: they're all about winning hearts and mines. while my offerings were succinct, clever, and damn funny (if i do say so myself) yours have become progressively creepier with each iteration. seriously, you sound...unhealthy. a bit unhinged even. i mean, you've got the rabid locdog haters on board but to ape jerry mcguire cum dr. evil, you had them at hello *tear*. honestly, i think you're just making everyone else a little uncomfortable.

in case you actually care, i am enlisted through the delayed entry program (DEP), my grade is E-3, and my ship date is february 1, 2006. that probably seems like a long way off to you, but then, the biggest physical challenge you're going to face in the next year is getting your fat ass off the couch to go and bang out another half-crazed loc-hating screed. if you start getting chest pains take an aspirin and call an ambulance.

will i be a SEAL? God knows. a friend has gotten me in contact with some people who are uniquely qualified to assist me as i prepare and that assistance has been and should continue to be productive, but it always seems like there's a long way to go. i think that's probably a good thing.

make or not, though, i'll have played my hand with the best of them. you will remain a humorless, vindictive little man who should have had the sense to know a good one when he saw it, responded magnanimously, and thus possibly even gained the upper hand. instead you've punched yourself out, and i now push you over with a whimper, not a bang. you've been rope-a-doped. i leave you to lick your wounds in peace. the last word is yours, if you like.


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