10 December 2001

Lots and Lots

Subject: Lots and Lots
From: Raindog
Date: Dec 10 2001 9:38 AM

My hard evidence that Bush is an idiot follows thusly:
Frequently shows an inability to answer question asked - (i.e. answering "How do I protect myself?" w/ "We must root out terror")

Shaky mastery of language - who doesn't know the word subliminal? Regular misuse of common vocab words which reflects 1) ignorance of actual meaning of word and 2) ignorance of own ignorance about word

Job Performance in Crisis - Why ask if our pilot's crew in China has access to exercise and bibles? Mulitple versions of 9/11 response (did he see it on tv, hear it from Condi in phone or have it whispered to him in his remedial class?)leave his "leadership" in question, as well as his role in his own administration.

Thin Resume - Comes from a wealthy family that provided every imaginable opportunity - has no youthful accomplishments to show for it. not an Eagle Scout, didn't complete reserve duty, dogged by rumors of drug use and has admitted alcohol problems, shaky degree, failed oil reign (lucky there was no SEC investigation on THAT one), parent's friend's money to buy into a ball team (and trade Sosa). FAilure after failure after failure makes a failure.

Strentgth of Judgement - Had no problems pulling the switch on a shitload of executions - kids, retards, women - all get the lever- to heck w/ 'em, optional environmental policies and a surplus ending budget in 2 incomplete terms as TX Guv.

Vision of Job - Bush spends all this energy telling all of us how we feel - full of quiet, unyeilding anger, believe in the righteousness of our task, support the war on terror - and what we should be doing - mailing dollars to him at the white house, ignoring terrorist threats, staying on high alert - while his VP goes duck hunting, he gives away the farm to Russia, Spain snubs our courts, Saudi's enjoy unrivaled friendship (screw Isreal, Saudi Arabia's the barn burner) and corporations receive bailouts instead of workers.

Level of Hypocricy - Says is a Methodist, but that church disagrees with his stance on abortion, death penalty, affirmative action, gay rights and welfare policy (OUCH! how does he do it??). Own girlfriend had abortion in 70's. The most important thing in life: daughters, so important that he sobered up just as they were turning 6, so he could be a good father.

And I can come up with more if you like. This is just the surface of Bush's many, many weaknesses

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