09 April 2004

Professor Chango

Subject: I loved being a student, hated being a prof..
From: chango
Date: Apr 9 2004 8:33AM

My PhD is in Relgious Studies and Social Ethics, with a particular emphasis on Sociology of Religion.

I taught several intro courses at a major West Coast university, including Contemporary Jewish and Christian Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and a class on Atheism called "Religion and its Discontents: Nietzsche, Freud and Marx."

I also have a Masters in Classical Studies (emphasis in Roman Literature and Classical Mythology) and a Masters in Professional Writing (emphasis, playwrighting).

My BA was in Politics/Philosophy/Economics from a very small liberal arts school here in SoCal.

I'm now working in the Public Sector and am considering getting my Masters of Engineering.

So that's my academic story...

what's yours?

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