11 April 2004

WVMicko: Ahead of the Curve

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Subject: Robes...and Kevin
From: WVMicko
Date: Apr 11 2004 1:45PM

Y'know, this is rather tough issue to figure out. I don't doubt that Kevin wiped her MBTU. I like Tryin', but she has a history of blowing her stack and making abusive posts all over the place in retaliation for the provokations she gets. That's a flushable offense, both because those posts are abusive and because she makes so many of them.

However, Tryin' herself is being stalked and harassed by at least two people who post under at least 5-6 nicknames at any one time. And as we both know, they like to use similar nicknames to try to fool people into thinking that they're someone else...a couple of weeks ago, they posed as slipstream ("silpstream"), last night, as Tryin' herself in her new nickname ("LittleMarinegirl88" - "LittleMarinegrrl88").

Bad enough, of course. But it's possible that that's as far as it's goes, that Tryin' herself is unstable enough to be lying about the rest of what's happening, or even that "Tryin'' is actually a long-term pose as part of Chatterbox's long soap opera. I can't help but notice that Tryin''s response to Lillith-style harassment -- a furious deluge of insults and anger -- is an awful lot like Laurie's.

This is supported by the (presumed) results of a Passport ban, where the nickname becomes tied to the banned Passport and is therefore inaccessable to anyone, including that old user when logging on with a new Passport.

On the other hand, the Lillith types (who you're accusing of being SpiderMBA plus an accomplice) could also have hacked the system, and everything Tryin' claims could be true. This is supported by the poser's recent trolling for email addresses, which started around the same time they made the "silpstream" pose...which also happens to be around the same time that Tryin' first complained that her nickname had been stolen.

Also, you have to consider the possibility that the entire thing could be a ruse, a great big hoax perpetrated by "Tryin'" and her "harassers," whoever they may be, working together. It's pretty easy to simulate whatever is going on re "nickname stealings" and "Passport hacks" if the so-called hackers have been told the passwords.

And I have to say that the whole Lillith vs. Laurie war, the one that's been going on for years, just doesn't smell right to me. When they're flaming each other with their imaginary armies of supporters, they act like psychotics who simply can't control themselves. Yet they do a perfectly good job of simulating sane, rational people in other convesations. That just doesn't add up to me: I find it far more believable that sane, rational people can pretend to be psychotic than psychotics can pretend to be sane, rational people. It seems as likely as any other explanation that Lillith and Laurie are just playing a big, huge, psychodramatic game. What's more, I'm not sure if I can accept your theory that last night's "Blowretta," and aliases, are actually SpiderMBA. Spud has a very rigid set of behaviors (his cut-and-paste list-keeping, his labelling of all those who offend him as "liberals," his profanity obsession, etc.) and a way of "speaking" that's quite consistent. "Blowretta" matched none of this. Fact is, "Blowretta" sounded more like Lillith than anyone else. And as I noted above, Tryin' behaves and sounds an awful lot like Laurie.

If Tryin' is reading this and the above is not true, then all I can say is that's the way it looks. I wouldn't bother trying too hard to rebut it, as I doubt you could provide convincing proof one way or another. Only one person can clear this up, and his mention is coming up real soon, now.

Anyway if I had to guess, I'd say that's what's going on. Still, two problems remain:

1) The possibility of Passport hacks is too serious a problem to be ignored.

2) Why the hell haven't Lillith and Laurie ever been effectively banned? As I understand it, a ban lasts thirty days and is linked to the offender's IP address. When banned, we should not see either one of them for an entire month. I may be wrong on the IP, I'm not sure on that part at all, and it could be that the ban is only linked to the offender's Passport, which means that they can come back once they've created a new one. But dammit, Kevin needs to shed some light on that mystery.

To Kevin: Kev, you've got to post on this and let us know what's going on. The Lillith and Laurie situation was tolerable when it was confined to Chatterbox, it didn't bother anyone who didn't hang out there. But they've brought thier games to BOTF and Fraywatch, now. People are justifiably angry about it, and more to the point, outraged that you haven't been able to ban them. If you can't effectively ban them because the software doesn't allow for IP bans, fine. Tell us. At least we'll know what the problem is. Likewise, these alleged hacks. I assume that you have access to Passport informantion and (possibly) the offender's IP addresses, so you should be able to get a rough idea of what's going on fairly easily. So let us know whether you think that the Passport system is probably secure, or whether there's a chance it's been compromised, and the MSN techs will have to investigate. The situation is bad enough, but the worst part about it is that nobody knows what's going on. Your Fraysters won't really have a problem handling this sort of crap provided that we know what the system can and cannot do. There's also a cloud hanging over several posters who may be blameless, which would be unfair to them. So clue us in, willya?


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