11 March 2009

BOTF 2009: The Trail of Tiers

BOTF 2009: The Trail of Tiers
03/11/2009, 3:50 PM #

It's been a bit over one year since the Tiers were last posted, so a re-indexing is warranted. A tumultuous year it has been, between laughing and weeping, natural and manmade disasters, crucial elections and selections, inside BOTF and out. The last of the old Editor Kings finally abandoned pretension to authority and respectability; any pretense that the ancien regime still existed other than in fond memory ("fond" as in "foolish" in Elizabethan usage?). Posters appeared and disappeared, left and returned, rose and fell, waxed and waned, talked and stalked, blogged and rolled and, more often than not, Stayed the Same, Don't Go Changin', Wouldn't Dream Of It. Bottoms were struck and re-struck (on the BOTF Quality Index), and yet there exists at this very hour guarded optimism that there may be a rational basis for guarded optimism. Onward and upward, BOTF!

First Tier (Light): Ryerson/StandardD; Fritz Gerlich; FieldingB/TenaciousD; Isonomist; Gregor Samsa; Schadenfreude; TheLyamhound; Zeus-Boy; Daveto; Keifus; Ducadmo; Alexa-Blue; Sawbones: The Bell; Schmutzie; Archaeopteryx; artandsoul; Ghost of A to Z; Skitch

Second Tier (Salt): Appolonius; Max Fischer Players; Snolly G; Genedio; BobW; Sarvis; Run75441; Rundeep; Bright Virago; Angel of Dearth/Jasper; Dawn Coyote; Topazz; Rev Rick; JackD; Tartuffe; Yastfort; Greenseggsnham; Thomas Paine; Catnapping; Schrodinger; Ron B52; Urquhart; Heleva; Camille Claudel; Ensley Hill; Dumb Blonde; Bacon; Artemesia; not abel; tonto goldberg; Unsightly Vermin; Ralph Wiggum; Seasquirt; Pace; Hst Fan; Demosthenes2; Mary Ann; Acrophony; Freitag's Pyramid

Third Tier (Peanuts' Gallery): Demcon; NickD; JV-12; Woolley; Jack Dallas; DragonTat2; JustOffal; Lono; Dallas NE; HWMD/Ci-Inc, et seq; Skeptical; MeridianToo; First Hawk; Another Liberal; Gypsy; Lil Mac G, et seq; Colonel McPhee; Watt4Bob; Dr. No; Advisory Tab; Pumpkin Seed; Leftist Marxist; Sashal12; BFD; Horus; friday13; Muffi and Mitzi, et seq; Night Swimmer; firstphone; Mom; Oott Rascals; koenraad64; bugger; kdr 2004

Fourth Tier (Peanuts): JimminyCr; JanZ; DreamBird, et seq.; LaurieAnnM, et seq; Sgt. Rock; California Dreamin'; GOPervert; Mary Anne; Days, et seq; Kikz; Michael09; Philadelphian; Genuflexio; Psychegram; Dadish; Geoff

See also: 2008's Trail of Tiers


  1. In the hopes of avoiding a demotion back to the third tier, I've considered submitting to Inkberrow a portfolio of Good Stuff I've Written since March 2009.

    Much like Tempo, I crave external validation. And when I saw that I'd been promoted, I emailed everyone: LoOk LOok!

  2. Well, it would appear I've been forgotten though to be honest I've not written very much lately. However, one would think Ink would at the very least give his "fray love" an honorable mention...sniff.