09 February 2008

BOTF 2008: The Trail of Tiers

BOTF 2008: The Trail of Tiers
02/09/2008, 5:33 PM

From what I've gathered, it's long past that time again. Within the tiers, the order is random. From tier to tier, it most certainly is not. If it becomes necessary, or if there is sufficient interest, I can provide my own general description of the four tiers. Arguments for alternates structures and/or alternate placements are of course welcome. Arguments against there being any basis whatsoever for tiers or placements will be accorded the same patience as arguments for (or against) evolution as opposed to intelligent design.

First Tier:

Michael Ryerson; Fritz Gerlich; Apollonius; Fielding Bandolier; Isonomist; Gregor Samsa; Schadenfreude; OHellenbach; JGC; TheLyamhound; Zeus-Boy; Daveto; August; Thrasymachus

Second Tier:

Steve-R; Keifus; MaxFischerPlayers; JV-12; Rachel2; Ducadmo; SnollyG; Dr. H; BobW; Genedio; Luoyi; Alexa-Blue; Demcon; The Bell; Sawbones; Bald Tony; Baltimore Aureole; Sarvis; Run75441; Rundeep; Switters/TomRobbins; Schmutzie; OneTinSoldier; DawnCoyote; Revrick; JackD; Tartuffe; Yastfort; Dubina; ChicagoEngineer; Archaeopteryx; Topazz; GreenEggznHam; Wooley; Mom; Th Paine; Degsme; Artemesia

Third Tier:

Electric Fence/Barrier; Loree; Mithros; Nongrata; Ellen; Watt4Bob; EnsleyHill; Dr. No; NoHablo; AnotherLiberal; OneEyedJasper; First Hawk; DragonTat2; SouthernGal; OottRascals; MidWay; Biteoftheweek; Rainman/JackDallas; Catnapping/Katydont; Justoffal; BFD; Daysman; MeridianToo; Lono; NickD; DallasNE; Khentkawes; NairobiTrio/Ci-Inc; JanZ; MitchK; Pissenlit

Fourth Tier:

Skeppy; Joycean; LaurieAnnM/Nightengale; Sgt.Rock; Firstphone; Julieboomer; SpeakerNancy/Lunesta; MaryAnne; Bandit; WhipperSnapper; JMadison; Phoen-X; Gypsy; Lilith; Smarmalade; DreamBird

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  1. I see you guys are still insulated from reality and continue to be legends in your own mind.

    Ah well...if Wapo's disenfranchisement of the Fray wasn't a wake up call for you then I suppose you will sleep in the baby blanket of your supposed intellectual superiority for the rest of whatever existence you imagine you have.

    Good luck with all of that.