14 January 2009

Nursing Core Values: Integrity and Excellence

Re: Defining "Alcoholic"
by LaurieAnnM
01/14/2009, 6:15 PM #

I learned from both working as a staff nurse twice in full time jobs as a detox and rehab nurse in Recovery Hospitals over the years and from meetings I've gone to myself that sadly ala-non types are very dangerous to alcoholics ' recovery because they do have serious control issues and a vested emotional interst in sub conciously keeping the alcoholic(the true alcoholic )sick.

Because once their alcoholic family member recovers they no longer feel like they have control and the ability to claim superiority over the alcoholic so they conciously or sub-concously work very hard to sabatoge the recovering person's sobriety in a myraid of ways..

That's a bunch of AA rhetoric but it seems to bear out from many many cases I have seen over 30 years associated with the 12 steps programs both professionally and personally.

One can only wonder why artnpole felt the need to share he'r experience strength and hope',(as we say in AA) with us today? Do you imagine she has good or ill intent here?

laurie meegan, lpn???

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