03 January 2009

"...he is a big time Jew, also."

Re: The Israelis are yellow bellied cowards.
by Loree
01/03/2009, 2:02 PM

They are doing the same thing to our country.....via the financial crisis here. Look how many millions (if not billions) Lehman Brothers shipped to the Bank of Israel before they declared bankruptcy? And the Madoff scandal....he is a big time Jew, also.

I warned about them years ago...that the Jews controlled the lions share of the money in the world, and that they needed to be stopped and that changed. I'm still recovering from that, but the best medicine of all is knowing that I was CORRECT in my warning.

When they get us in a weak enough state, they can make a move on us....shouldn't take too long, unless things turn around, before they bite the hand (hard!) that has fed them all these many years!

loree mason o'neil

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