31 August 2007

Loree Links us to Stormfront.org...

Note that Loree looks to the neo-nazi, white supremacist organization, Stormfront, to support her claims about "Jewish Influence."

Apparently great minds run in the same channels?
by Loree
08/31/2007, 5:38 PM

I also have a link for you....

link >

Evidently more than just a few of us have an opinion on Jewish influence.

Despite whether they are Zionists, Orthodox Jews, or whatever, the common thread is that they do indeed consider themselves the 'Jewish Race', and their roots run back in history over 2,000 years.
When I posted my concerns, which were quite frankly, tampered with, so as to make them nearly unrecognizable, a few YEARS ago, unknown to me, I was in some pretty good company, as evidenced in the article on the link.
Loree (Mason) O'neil

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