21 August 2007

Bad Poetry Contest 2007

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On the Renovation of Point State Park
by RonB52
08/14/2007, 9:35 PM

-Pittsburgh, PA

O plump peak'ed Bridges, twins nearly
But that one lies a bit lower,
How supple and splendid you look, uplifted by your new paint job.
Uplifted by your fancy new paint job.
Paint job.

O fair triangular park, whose infield grass
Once grew free, to signal the passing of Spring's innocence,
And Summer's time to play
Denuded now, bare mound,
Scraped clean for your remodeling.
Scraped smooth and clean for your remodeling.


O twin tunnels, ever clotted with traffic
In and out, in and out, all day long.
How constantly you spew us out and sometimes
We trail behind us, down your long lanes that spread beneath you this way, and that,
Traces of that moist deliquescence that ever seeps down your slimy walls.
May those lanes ever straddle this majestic Point
Whose fountain even now e'er spews.

Whose fountain even during the renovation e'er spews.

E'er spews.

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