07 June 2007

Overheard on the NEW Fray...

Overheard on the NEW Fray...
06/07/2007, 12:21 PM #

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Old nics were dusted off and back in the fray arena Monday morning, in fighting form. Special mention goes to the Ballot Box fray not only for surviving execution but because it now stands to reach 1 million posts by week's end (does anyone just lurk over there?) Anti-semitism accusations resumed on all frays within 20 minutes of the New Fray's unveiling, the Sopranos (and the tv club fray) geared up for its grand finale, and of course all the new bells and whistles - these were chief among discussion topics.

See if you can guess who said the following on the fray this week:

1. "I think "suck-up" was an entirely appropriate tag. It's not obscene, and it accurately describes the content of the comment."

2. "There has been some very serious abusing of the sonnet form going on over in PoetryFray, and the culprit is none other that your own 'I-was-mentioned-in-a-Simpsons­­-episode', Mr Ode charmer hisself, Robert (PL: Poet Laureat, or Poet Ludicrous) Pinsky. See to that. "

3. "One of my posts has gone from 19 down to 7???"

4. "Tony was sounding very Archie Bunker in that scene. I'm suprised he didn't pronounce it "groinocologist."

5. "Get exposed to poison ivy. I've had several unintended experiences. But let me tell you, having your penis grow to the size of your wrist is not as great as you may think. It's heavy and slaps your legs. I wouldn't go so far as to say, "less is more," but medium is not bad. Sort of like Goldilocks."

6. Hey! Quit trying to raise the level of dialogue!"

7. "Mary, you can fork of you friggin frigger! I can't stand anus's like you - never could abide by your arseinine flee fligging discourse! You can take a flying fark at a rolling donut!! *** Chjeney? Do we have to say Richard now?"

8. "I know we can't say ***, ****, ************, or ****. but could we have a list of any other things we should not "say"?

9. "Four posts deleted, no checkmarks, but on the front page as one of the most-read, plus a roughly neutral rating (+3/-2 last I looked)."

10. "Hey guys. Congrats on being the most inappropriate forum wrt obscenity in your tags."

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