07 June 2007

Dreambird and NoStar's second star...

How ratSoN became DreamBird
by DreamBird
06/07/2007, 11:36 AM #

There once was a frayster named NoStar

Who was loved and renowned wide and far

For his limericks and jesting

And frequent pun-festing

And a cute little ratSoN, his co-star

Above by NoStar on Poems Fray

Below limerickly by DreamBird in response

But when the twin co-star was buried

There rose from his ashes a Phoenix

The rat still was dreaming

Of flying and fraying

And NoStar renamed him DreamBird.

There once was a frayster named DreamBird

Who came by her name through a bid war

It was fun, made no sense

and the best part of it

was the "Thanks for the Memories", NoStar!

Frankly, when NoStar put up that ratSoN nic for auction bid by the highest bidder, knowing the kinds of individuals who were bidding that nic for $25 and a cheap picture, I knew that I had to bid an amount that NO ONE would want to match, much less go above...hence I offered NoStar that amount...YES, $500 BIG ONEs which he got in HARD DOLLARS, to ensure that none of the Fecalists from CB would get their hands on it.

It was great fun, and in that entire process and communication, came to realize that there are wonderful human beings out in that cyber world who were genuine and truly delightful human beings...great people, in my mind. It was worth all of it...that entire fun adventure of the auction, the HIGH BID i put in and the eventual "Sharing" of the ratSoN nick and star. I always kept that nick password and passport open for NoStar, so that he could use it when he felt like it...after even when he changed ratSoN's nick to DreamBird.. and that was another adventure, trying to come up with a nic to change ratSoN into ..it was NoStar who changed ratSoN's nick into DreamBird...and of course the passport kept the star!

I wouldn't have changed a thing for all the cybermoney in the world....there are some great people out there in real life and also some who don't give a fig about what others think, about the acution, about the purchase or about the sharing of a nick.

And so...ratSoN became the *starred* DreamBird for almost a year...about 10 months...and NoStar used sometimes the nic to post ....heh heh heh...those were the days!

Again..."Thanks for the Memories", NoStar!

Oh BTW, as for mEnder...is that you, Grillith? You were always the only one who couldn't handle the fact that someone would "pay" big bucks for a passport and html...

or is that the real Ender pretending to be someone else? No matter, it was a great adventure and a fun time for all involved.

I loved all the times I posted as *starred* DreamBird..:))))

Bringing Down the Star system
by NoStar
06/07/2007, 5:02 PM #


The star couldn't have gone to a better poster. You wore it as well as anyone. From the beginning, I thought awarding stars was idiocy. The editorial picks were suspect (even if I liked many of the recipients) and those to whom stars were bestowed often acted like pompous asses (myself included.)

My goal (and an underlying goal of The Lone Gunmen *shooting stars for fun and profit(TM)) was to bring down the star system. The very name NoStar was born of disdain for those whining that they didn't have one and for those that thought their own star proved they were better than others. I do not claim that my actions were significant in the star system demise. The actions of certain *Stars* after I was banished sealed their own fate. Still, we both played our parts.

I do take particular pleasure in knowing I am the only one to have made money from fraying, but if my memory serves, far less than $500 was exchanged. You are too good in the role to insist on full payment. I am glad to be back on the Fray and to see that you are still flying high.

The current system of rating posts by editorial check marks, most frequently read, and by reader ratings is inspired.

Once again, here is a limerick I wrote just for you:

The Dreambird is still flying high
Her wings spread wide 'cross the sky
If you see her fly over
Keep your gaze on the clover
Or you'll get a bird turd in your eye

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