07 January 2006

I am dying.

Subject: I am dying.
From: Meletus
Date: Jan 7 2006 10:39AM

I first indicated my illness in the post above, but the illness has progressed far enough to know for sure; I don't have much longer to live. Who would have thought that lung cancer would kill a thirty-something-non-smoker before he reached 40. The prognosis was positive at one point, but apparently a few of those cells stuck around. Damn them.

I thought about never posting again or making an announcement; after all, if law school seems small by comparison, shouldn't posting on the Fray? But I decided that I've met some real people here, people who are both interesting and important to me. In no small respect writing and reading here (but especially the writing) has shaped my way of thinking. Perhaps that is evident to the people who have seen the evolution of my posts. Or perhaps not. That is why I am saying it now.

Anyway, to those who have had a deep impact on my thinking—Fritz, Sissyfuss, Geoff, Thrasymachus, Zathras, and Moloch mostly—goodbye and best of luck to you. It's been a good run for me both in the real world and on the Fray. To the rest of you, many of whom I'm quite fond (hi LT), goodbye as well. I won't be posting again, though I might read what people have to say once or twice within the next few weeks. After that I'll be too busy traveling with my wife as we say our goodbyes.

It should go without saying—make the most of every day—but I'm saying it anyway. Thankfully I did, often enough to have passed my regrets already.



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