29 November 2001

Partisan Discord on the Fray

Subject: There is a simple sociological explanation
From: Publius
Date: Nov 29 2001 2:38 PM

Right-wingers who participate in the Fray tend to have less formal education, since the more educated conservatives are much too busy buying and selling oil, trading securities, defending big corporations in decades-long litigation over incomprehensible commercial and contract disputes, leveraging various corporate assets for various purposes to build greater value for shareholders, playing golf with Congressmen, attending RNC $25,000-a-table fundraisers, and, of course, meeting with their tax attorneys on ways to avoid inheritance taxes.

Moreover, those old neanderthals with time to scout the Fray, on account of their advanced age, have more palsied fingers and blurred vision, and on account of their heavily rural culture and late introduction to PCs, have no idea that there is a spell check function.

By contrast, those on the left tend to be younger, better educated at elite colleges and have time on their hands between episodes of Friends and Seinfeld reruns to scroll through the Fray. Given their ages, they have better eyesight and good hand-eye coordination, took "keyboard" classes in high school (where they may still be) and can take their PCs apart to fix the spell checker if necessary.

Moreover, on the specific matter of loser and looser, this is one of the ten most often used words in their vocabularies, as in:

"Like, Bluto, is this totally random guy, and he's, like, really, really not cool, and I'm, like, Bluto, you are totally, totally a loser, and, like, this RonK, who is totally not a loser, goes, "Bluto, you're a loser," and I'm, like, yea...really."

Subject: Well done, Publius! A sapid dessert ...
From: RonK, Seattle
Date: Nov 29 2001 4:50 PM

... at the end of a predominantly insipid buffet.

BOTF material for sure! Who says the Fray is getting too, er, whatever it is they say the Fray's getting to be too of?

Now away, before a bunch of loosers start in on how I said something indefensible about a stupid desert.

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