27 November 2001

Have Yourself A. Merry Little Christmas

Subject: Good morning everyone. the lyrics of
From: Whispers on the Wind
Date: Nov 27 2001 9:18 AM

Have Yourself A. Merry Little Christmas were written back in 42-43 during the war ... the original words were a tad different from what we know...and it was describing Christmas time without loved ones, and the uncertainty of the times...

The piece was chosen to be used in the production of "Meet Me in St. Louis" in 1944 ...starred in by Judy Garland. Judy did not like the dark words of some of the stanzas so they were changed to her liking and she sang the song with the lyrics that we know today...

Even using the words she made popular..if you interject the thoughts and feel of the war going on the lyrics make more sense in that manner. Without the interjection of thought the words do not flow gently to make a picture well...but lyrics to many songs over the years have lyrics that contain a convoluted mixed feeling or many songs with multiple meanings, stories beneath the words ... but that is art is its purest form...

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