08 February 2005

Congress Sing-a-long

Subject: Congress Sing-a-long. All together now hmmmm
From: Blyram
Date: Feb 8 2005 6:50AM

With heartfelt apology to Dire Straits and the classic great "Money for Nothing"

Money for Congress

Now look at them yo-yo's, watch the way they spend it
They play the spin game on the floor that we
Pick up the cost for, that's the way they plan it
Money for nothin' and the checks are free
Now that ain't right' that's the way they do it
Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb
Just plan on working until 6 feet under
Just plan on paying for the Congress fun

We gotta pay for a bridge over Main Street
Golden door knob delivery
We gotta save for their trips to the Bahamas
We gotta pay for everything they see

Watch the congressman with his fingers in your pocket
He's got a plan that will strip you bare
That congressman rents his own jet airplane
That you will pay for til he's out of there

We gotta pay for a freeway in the desert
Expensive ideas more subsidy
We gotta save for their trip to Acapulco
We gotta pay for everything they see
We shoulda learned to run for Congress
We shoulda learned when they add the sum
Look at that spender, mugging for the camera
Tellin' us how the damage is done
And he's up there, what's that? Hawaiian trip?
Bangin' home the list pretending it is all for free
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Spin their ideas for nothin'; send the bill to me

We gotta pay for a crop that isn't growing
Expensive corn unplanted, see
We gotta pay for their trip to California
We gotta pay for everything they see

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