10 May 2010

The Best of the Fray Thread, Version 1
by Rundeep
05/10/2010, 11:39 PM #

Iso: writes a lovely, sensitive, insightful post. Replies: JackD: compliments intelligently. ThomasPaine: thanks Iso for writing. Rundeep: Generic love. TK: awesome and includes a psych analysis. Dr. No: loves it and adds an anecdote. Topazz: some insightful comment, plus adds something witty. Urq responds to Topazz utilizing some 19th Century expression and beginning the threadjack Tempo responds to Urq and asks a rhetorical question about opera/horses. Laurie responds to Tempo pointing out that Tempo once actually was a horse and or the fat lady singing. Tempo: reported, plus you know that's not true now get help. Ellen: Backs up Tempo. Laurie to Ellen: That's what you always do, back up your friend like you did in the following email: and quotes it. Schmutzie: Responds to Tempo in Tempo speak, pointing out how rude the threadjack is. Tempo replies to Schmutzie, calling him some variation of his real name. JackDallas responds to Schmutzie, agreeing with Tempo and adding a possibly racist/homophobic/variation on his nic. Laurie responds to Jack pointing out he was once wonderful, especially when writing about his Nova Scotian retrievers and writing cattle wrangling songs while spitting watermelon seeds into the desert behind his suburban split level. Jack Dallas tells Laurie to either get help or fuck off, and introduces concepts related to the lubrication of her genitalia. Dawn Coyote points out that Jack couldn't create lubrication of a woman's genitalia if he peed K-Y. JackDallas says he wouldn't screw Dawn even if he did pee K-Y. Dawn points out that even when she was drinking she wasn't drunk enough to let the likes of Jack within 10 miles. Schmutzie backs up Dawn, berating Jack in Tempo speak, replete with CAPITALS and Faux French. Jack replies that he wouldn't screw Dawn with Schmutzie's dick. Tempo defends Jack and says he's been misunderstood. Schmutzie asks Tempo how much K-Y it took Jack to, you know, do jack. Laurie points out that lubricant changes colors depending on whether or not you live in an oxygenated environment, and how bright the lava lamp in your bedroom is. Topazz says she prefers a blacklight and will provide a link showing glow in the dark condoms and a Grateful Dead poster. And something else hilarious. At the bottom of the original post, Keifus and skitch post something interesting and supportive. To Be Continued....

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