04 April 2010

EMPTY SUIT by Jock Callous

EMPTY SUIT by Jock Callous
by Inkberrow
04/04/2010, 5:23 PM #

Shimmering spires of glass
and steel,
in muted testimony, rest.
In silent shrouds
and shattered dreams,
to tell a husband's worst,
and best.
Enjoined in hope
and bitter will.

Beneath the altar,
cold and dark,
strong hearts and weak
together beat,
where once I stood
in wondered awe,
and chased your vows
into the sky
so I could cheat.

Despair you not
my helpmeet's soul,
The hand of God
restraineth thee;
And comfort brings,
and solace gives,
to broken lives,
and faithful wives,
and those still free
to rut and troll.

Here in this place,
now lost to time,
where heroes die,
and mothers cry,
and strumpets hoot,
where now I stand
in jaded awe
and erase my vows
in an empty suit.

Copyright 2010, Heartstorm Press

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