09 March 2010

Things I learned

Things I learned while reading the Fray
by Schmutzie
03/09/2010, 1:58 PM

The moon landings were faked. NASA didn't have the proper TV equipment to send those pictures back to earth, the Van Allen Belt has lethal doses of radiation, radio waves couldn't make it from the moon back to earth in less that 47 hours, and boots couldn't make impressions in moon soil.

9/11 was an inside job. Not a terrorist attack. Mossad agents carried a few thousand tons of nanothermite into the towers for months in advance, used radio controlled drone airplanes, and remotely detonated the nanothermite in a brilliantly executed controlled demolition.The dust event proves it.

Pyramids were built not by Egyptians, but by angels.

God flooded the earth with a 6 week rainstorm, and 850 year old Noah squeezed 30,000,000 species of animals (x2) into a 300x50x30 cubit boat, with food.

The earth is one day older than the sun.

We are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

Dinosaurs and humans coexisted 6000 years ago, for a few weeks.

Jewish bankers are plotting to take over the world with the help of the Freemasons.

Blood is blue sometimes. Actually, dark bluish-red, but still sorta blue.

Candy Stripers are Registered Nurses.

It always comes back to The Painted Bird. (Bald Tony was right.)

Okay, I'm convinced. You can stop now.

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