01 August 2005

Kissing of feet can be exquisite.

Subject: Kissing of feet can be exquisite.
From: DarkKnight
Date: Aug 1 2005 7:21AM

Kissing of feet can be exquisite, but it is best left to those with practiced experience. It begins with both hands gently grasping the recently bathed, lightly oiled and scented foot. I prefer aloe soap and for scents I like natural, rose for a delicate encounter or very small amounts of mink oil for more animalistic encounters. The fingers of the hands should be placed on the top of the foot and the thumbs on the bottom. While the fingers apply digitally specific, alternating degrees of light and moderate pressure up and down the foot along the midline and parallel axis' to the left and right, the thumbs apply moderate kneading pressure to the ball of the foot, the instep (spend a deliciously slow and lengthy amount of time on the instep), and the bottom of the heel. These ministrations should be random in application so as to surprise and delight the recipient of your favors. The kissing is concentrated on the sole of the foot, using light little brushes of the lips and tongue. The same is done with the toes; only the toes may be gently sucked as well.

Extra attention may be given to the recipient in the form of sensual caresses to the ankle and calf of the leg. When the right sounds (coos and ummms) are emanating from the recipient, the index finger or the manicured nail of that finger may be drawn ever so lightly, slowly and repeatedly up the inner leg, first reaching the back of the knee where unpredictable, teasing attention is given. At this point it is necessary for the giver of pleasure to watch the subtle movements of the recipient of pleasure...


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