03 March 2010

The Key Passage

The Key Passage
by Schmutzie
03/03/2010, 9:38 AM

In the middle of one of his multi-purpose Fraywatch gang replies, our intrepid moderator squeezed out this little tidbit...

Re: When invitations are deleted
03/02/2010, 5:22 PM
@IncogNeato (02/18/2010, 12:43 AM) I remove all of the "posts which are racist, sexist, obscene, abusive, post other people's personal info" that are reported to me (except on a number of self-regulating boards that are entirely insulated communities and impossible to get to unless you know where you're going and pretty much what you're getting into - and even there I remove racist/sexist/homophobic language when its reported to me). One of the major benefits of the new system is an improved moderation platform, so if you like to comment on more subjects, but don't like to be subject to abuse (which often goes unreported, and thus unseen in the Fray), then you're a lot better off commenting in the new system.

Bold is mine of course, but I think that piece of news from Jeremy merits analysis.

Botf, Procrastination, Shameful Conduct, and whatever board I happen to choose for the next phase of the Great Geezer Experiment, are essentially the wild fucking west in Jeremy the Mod's eyes. Unless you say things like nibber, wunt or paggot. Then he'll do his job and actually moderate....for the time being.

So it's okay, on these "self-regulating" boards, to mine personal info and then post the name of someone's daughter, as long as you don't call her a wunt.

It's okay to lie, on these "self-regulating" boards, about a poster being the subject of a restraining order, as long as you don't call him a nibber-lover in the process.

It's okay to post a link, on these "self-regulating" boards, to a poster's real life name, as long as you don't say, HEY EVERYBODY this paggot here finished fourth!!! on Sale of The Century.

And it is perfectly acceptable to make up a false set of nursing credentials, to spam these "self-regulating boards" with daily insane rants, to post private e-mails sent by other posters, and to lay a fine glaze of scummy residue over an entire front page, as long as you don't say those naughty words while doing it.

In other words, on these "self-regulating" boards, it's not what you say, it's which words you use to say it, that are important to Jeremy the Mod.

Obviously, by allowing Nurse Betty to remain, in the face of overwhelming evidence that she should be banned, the Mod has sent a clear message that Slate wants people to choose the new Kit as a means of posting comments on Slate's articles, and the Fray as we all knew it is as dead as disco.

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