08 November 2008

Fray Bashed

Fray Bashed
11/08/2008, 10:30 PM

The Fray is filled
With righteous tools
Political Shills
Bloviating fools

Soapbox preachers
Obama hacks
Crazy screechers
John McCainiacs

Feminist hags
Liberal fags
Right-wing douchebags
And wise-ass wags

Gathered in the halls of Fray
They form a mighty host
Posting all the livelong day
Inane post after post

Scores of the anonymous
Write conspiracy, bullshit, hype
The Fray looks like Hieronymous
Bosch has finally learned to type

In a Fray forum colored black
Religious Fraysters discuss the Mist
God-fearing dopes they all jaw-jack
About things that simply don’t exist

Jesus Freaks and Frummy Jews
Ponder over all the clues
Of the capacity of Djinns
To foxtrot round the heads of pins

Thomas Paine, Fritz Gerlich, San
Tsedek, JGC all blabber
‘Bout interactions ‘tween God and man
And other superstitious jabber

In a room of ashen gray
Old fogies like Inkberrow say
“Of posts there were nary
Not fit for Alexandria’s Library

Posted on the Old Fray
Yes that was certainly the heyday”
But MichaelRyerson let’s face it
Now relies too much on cut-n-paste it

CALIF DREAMIN’ and First Hawk
Kentucky redneck Urquhart
Ranger 82 and Sgt-ROCK
And JackDallas that old Texan fart

A red room full of right-wing schlubs
Milling in their starched brown shirts
Drinking Schlitz these fascist scrubs
Salute the bust of ol’ Bull_Kurtz

From a pink room comes a throaty
Statement from Biteoftheweek
And her sister Dawn Coyote
Who rail on with Fem-nazi cheek

“You’ve fucked it up, you things with dicks
We’re confident that when our world’s
Fully administered by us chicks
You guys will see the might of Grrrls.”

In a forum dyed deep violet
Live Fraysters of an elite set
Who like to write that arty shit
Like Zeus-boy, the Fray’s Erse (half) Wit

Whacked out hippy Appollony…
Puts out druggy verbose dailies
“9/11 was all phony!!!”
“Not Bin Laden—‘twas Israelis!!”

Of theNairobiTrio
(Or ciinc) I’ll make no mention
Who is, we too well know
A whore who craves all our attention

Now I don’t want to come off mean
But how bout all those nuts and flakes
Gathered in a cave of sickly green
Their posts stem from psychotic breaks

Herr oconnel and lilmacg
Their thoughts are really fucking jambled
H_Keller and WearyWillie
Yep, these posters’ eggs are scrambled

Liberals smoking funny clover
Won’t shut up about Barack
Don’t they know the 60’s are over?
And we’ve still got troops throughout Iraq?

Schmutzie, August, artandsoul
All in room, Democrat Blue
Up against Baltmore Auriole
Spouting loads of leftist poo

Don’t forget the prole-y zeroes
In a pub hued tangerine
Dopey working first class heroes
Living a song by Bruce Springsteen

“Those damn Illegals take our jobs!”
Say JanZ (dumb) and NickD (dumber)
“Which should go to US working slobs
Chinese can have old Joe the Plumber.”

I read your literary spasms
Sometimes I takes aim and I throws
A little peanut of sarcasm
At one of you silly fuckin schmoes

I’m king of vinegar and piss
A troll, and also Lord of Spam
For the wages of TheBestofFray is…
Yours truly,

Have a Nice Day!

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