27 November 2009


by artandsoul
11/27/2009, 7:02 PM

On Thanksgiving I’d like to say thank you to a few of the people on here … especially those who have been willing to converse with me. Lono recently said that this is a place designed for people to interact, and that is certainly why I came here. I came here to read and to react. I’ve enjoyed doing both. I am familiar with online communities, and thought I knew what to expect. However this is a different place from any other I have known. I thought I understood online protocols. I was definitely wrong when it came to Fray life.

Some of you have been really terrific – and I define that as being reasonable, inclusive and consistent. And also smart, articulate and funny.

Isonomist – you’re my hero. Not trying to be a suck-up or anything, but you’re really genuinely marvelous! Such quick wit, such willingness to connect and to take a chance. I know you’ve been around a while but you have not become cynical or close-minded. I think that’s another reason why I like you so much. You show me that people don’t have to find a rut and get in it. They can actually thrive if they stay in touch with the things that really matter. Something I think most of us take for granted. No doubt about why you get this. I’m just grateful you share it so freely. I followed you for a long time on DP, before I figured out how to post. It was a delight to interact with you on BotF and here.

Schmutzie – you’re an exceptional fellow. One of the first people on BotF to respond to my postings and to engage in fun conversations about Pink Floyd, about sports as well as politics, humor and just general communication. When you responded I felt like maybe I did get some of the “new” online conventions. You wrote like a normal, regular person. And I felt like one too. I’ve enjoyed reading your writing, I’ve learned a lot about Chicago politics and Chicago ethos. I’ve also learned a lot about families, business, growing up, staying connected, good music, being funny, the simple exuberance of remembering good times with old friends. You’ve opened my eyes to some things, and I’ve respected your change in position on things like the death penalty. You’ve always been respectful and decent, even when we disagreed. And I really appreciate that. It makes for a nice world to live in.

MichaelRyerson – You’ve been both friendly and decent, but more importantly you’ve been willing to be yourself. To the extent we can tell that someone is authentic in an online forum you’ve epitomized that. You have also helped me see more clearly how war unfolds. And what happens to the real people who show up and do what’s necessary. In ways I could not have expected I have learned and grown from your writing. Thank you. I am sorry that so much of your time here is spent getting spewed upon. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

Inkberrow – you’re just a gem. A pure pleasure to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderfully huge threads and the Fraycentric musings you beautifully articulated. Histories and mysteries delivered with élan. I cannot imagine how I survived nearly a year on The Fray without knowing you – and once I did you changed my online world! I saw “posting” rise to such heights and it is delightful to watch you deliver insults, commentary, literary allusions and mystical Fray illusions with aplomb and vigor! I’ve loved your humor, your wit and your self-effacing way. I think you achieve just the right balance. Oh, I did get impatient with the circular reasoning behind your anti-Islam perspective but that is more about me than you. This format is imperfect for the kind of shoot-from-the-hip reaction stuff that I sometimes find myself typing. Sorry for that. I wish I was more apt to sit down and compose well-written, well-researched responses. Alas, I lost my taste for that after so much stench was thrown. It seemed an insurmountable hurdle to approach.

Topazz – your kindness, your generosity of spirit and your ferocious defense of me in a few disastrous attack-threads will always keep you near and dear to my heart. It felt like a natural kindness that you would try to converse with the lunatics, attempt to reiterate the actual facts rather than the made up facts. I appreciate that. It never did any good, but that was not from your lack of effort! I hope you and your kids all survive the next few years of education with lots of love and laughter, and that they appreciate you during the holidays!!

Keifus – you’re too great for words. I will continue to read and hopefully absorb your amazing insights, and thank you for your willingness to put it out there! I admire your parenting, your writing and your humor is always smack on! I feel lucky to know you! I’m afraid you are stuck with me as a big admirer.

Thom Paine – I know you’re not around any more, but I think you’re one of the finest online. So thank you for being a friend on here. Same goes for Nick D. – a gentleman always. A friendly face and a nice responder.

Switters – thanks for the encouragement to go more green and to risk the garden. We’re all thoroughly enjoying our daily produce. You were inspirational with your posts about your tomatoes … and I love the DVD reviews as well as your Fraycentric musings. You have a lot of history here, long before I got here, and I hope that you keep those connections that are meaningful and real. People do love you, and you’re not alone. Even when it feels that way. I wish you good luck on whatever you do – I hope it includes acreage and horses pulling plows.

Catnapping – you’re a friend. A real person. A real friend. A talented woman. A terrific artist. A writer. An inspiration. Thank you. For your encouragement, your friendship and for the glimpses into your life. I wish you the best and hope that one day I’ll be able to buy a volume of your drawings and your musings.

Archaeopteryx – you’ve made me laugh my head off and so often it is your quick comeback that entices me to log on one more time and see if anyone can come up with something to answer you. I, for one, adored your California Dreaming posts and wish I had saved them. Much too late did I figure out about making posts “Favorite.”

Schrodinger – wish I’d been able to sustain the fun, funny, friendly and manic repartee! I so enjoyed the back and forth, and felt it was real. I have no idea what happened to Unisghtly Vermin…. So sad. I hope your classes go well, that your students are smart and witty, and that you keep up your book collecting. You and your wife sound like you have a terrific road ahead – and I hope you find yourselves successful and fulfilled. You’ve got a lot of talent, and I’ve enjoyed seeing part of it displayed here.

Tenacious K – (you were Fielding Bandolier back when we first wrote on XX Factor) thanks for your ever reasonable voice, and your willingness to listen. Not like a doctor but as an intelligent human being. You are a good one to challenge folks here, and I have learned a lot from your posts. I wish I could have been more articulate in talking about femininity according to Marion Woodman so that you could have known more about what I was trying to say. I wish we had been able to talk more about Opera and the symbolism therein. I hope you and Dawn have a delightful and long marriage. Enjoy your kids, they sound like good ones indeed.

Tartuffe – you’ve taught me a lot, and even though we disagree about Glenn Greenwald, I value your opinions and trust your research. You’re funny too. And I’ll always be grateful for that recommendation of the Café in Missoula where my husband and I had that yummy lunch!

Biteoftheweek – I pissed you off for some reason. Probably because I don’t like the Clintons. Which is too bad because other than that, I think we’re a lot alike and could have been friends. I do wish you well and your kids too. They sound pretty awesome.

Meridiantoo – You are awesome. Kind, chivalrous, funny. And a good cook too. What’s not to love!? You’ve redeemed the State of Mississippi for me! Thank you!

Ducadmo – you’re pretty darn creative and have made me laugh many many a time on here! The great state of Arizona is lucky to have you.

Lono – voice of reason and soundness. I pretty much always agree with your political views so that makes you really smart in my book!

There were some folks on Politics fray (Doodahman) and BotF (run, Demosthenes, Urquhart, LeftistMarxist, Acrophony) that I liked a lot. They were fun. They made it a good day when there was posting, conversation and banter. I wish them well.

Then there is the other side.

(I don’t need to mention the horrors of interacting with LaurieAnnM. She singlehandedly ruined, to the extent it could be ruined, my whole experience on the Fray. Whatever fun and good I felt here was routinely shat upon by her lies, her vindictiveness and her disgusting displays. Too bad for me. Worse to have to live her life. Obviously not at all important to anyone else.)

Tempo and Jack Dallas – your behavior on Geezers and Procrastination has been an abomination. Surpassing LaurieAnnM, which I thought was impossible.

I have figured I have two choices. I could spend some time trying to hone my skills for calling you two various vulgar names and figuring out very clever ways to try to shame you into stopping such abysmal behavior. Or, I could just quit coming to The Fray altogether.

As much fun as it has been, quitting is by far the wiser choice. There are millions of online communities. And what I don’t have to do anywhere – in real life or online – is put up with the shameful, nasty, consistently repulsive behavior such as you two exhibit. It is not a matter of weighing the good of others against the horrors of you two. Yes others are good, and there are even more good people out and about in the world. You two are vile, disgusting people that I wouldn’t be caught dead being in the same room with in real life, and have no further patience with your bile and shit coming across my computer.

So have at it. I won’t be back. I won’t read it. I won’t respond. You get the last word.

I hope you both choke on it.

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