22 August 2009

They Pop up Everywhere

Laurie Ann is a self-proclaimed Medical Professional.

This POS is from Whidbey Island, Washington.

known racists (to include anti-semites) and homophobes posting on the fray: doggydevil, nostar, ratson, nose-tar, justoffal, unhyphenated American (shared by justoffal and doggydevil), TheArdent, showsumsac, nohablo, Hassanchop, querious, smarmalade, kazar, jack dallas, jackdallas, tempo, contempo, speakernancy, laurieannM, loriboo, jarule, loretta, leemadison, nightengale (sic), el cid, captain greybeard (of the denjim), walt, riley, loree, loree (mason) o'neil, phoen-x, firebird, fpl, firstphonelicense, dreambird, Spandex, DuomoDiBrunelleschi, FoodForThought, TopFlight, ThatAway, blue dolphin, InflationDeflation, TheDreamer, Cinderella, Zinderella, Asymptotic, Synchronous, FastPaced, Annabel_Lee, Sambuca, SarasvatiSindhu, JasmineOils, QuasarPulsar, SlopalongPaucity, UtopiaDystopia, Filitosa...

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