25 May 2009

Test: Fray Histories (and Mysteries)

Test: Fray Histories (and Mysteries)
by topazz_
05/25/2009, 4:15 PM

Answer as many or as few as you wish - or answer none at all.

  1. Is the poster known as the Ghost-of-A-Z a man or a woman? How do you know?

  2. What was Adam Morgan's claim to fray fame?

  3. On the morning of September 11, 2001, which NYC based fray posters wrote first person accounts of what was happening?

  4. Which fray poster is also an official White House Correspondent?

  5. Why did a post entitled “Jesus Had It Coming” cause such a furor?

  6. What were the original fray nics of these posters: tempo, seasquirt, Gregor Samsa, Fritz Gerlich, and Schadenfreude?

  7. Why is Ender notorious?

  8. Why was topazz awarded her star? Why was she stripped of it?

  9. How many posters have married someone they met on the fray?

  10. What reason did alexa-blue once give for using a feminine fray nic?

  11. Which fray poster was once a featured player in the Jeopardy International Tournament of Champions, and won?

  12. How exactly would you define a fray “meltdown”??

  13. What female poster did switters continually ask out, on the fray?

  14. What is the predominant race of Best of the Fray posters?

  15. What female poster convincingly faked her own death?

  16. Who is the fray's resident expatriate?

  17. Why did locdog leave the fray?

  18. Naming only one poster, who in your opinion, is the fray's best writer?

  19. If the fray is high school, who is Homecoming Queen?

  20. What episode would you consider as being the biggest “feud” or "brouhaha" ever to happen on the fray?

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