06 November 2008

Meaningful parenting.

Meaningful parenting.
by MichaelRyerson
11/06/2008, 12:09 PM

I see LAM is whining about her children being confronted by some suddenly enfranchised black children. I feel her pain. But if she just thinks for a moment or two she'll see the remedy is at hand. It may be helpful if she'll instruct her children thusly and reinforce it with a little role playing in the comfort and security of their own home. First speak only when spoken to and never, ever make eye contact when you're speaking to one of your betters (the black children). Learn to walk with your head slightly bowed (again remember the all important eye contact rule), walk with a slight stoop and walk quickly so as not to prolong the time when you might be stopped and asked for an explanation as to why you are where you are and where you are going and why. If you have boys (and this is an important one) they must never, never be alone in a room with a black woman! And they should never accept an invitation into a black woman's house nor a ride in a black woman's car, no matter what! Teach your children to speak slowly and to use simple English so no one will think they're putting on airs. It will be a good idea to answer most questions with a simple, 'I don't know,' even when your children do know. This way the black children won't think your kids are being uppity. If your children do some little job for a black family to earn a little money, when the job is done, accept whatever money is offered regardless of what might have been agreed to at the beginning (remember no eye contact!). A simple, 'Thank you, ma'am.' with your head down at an appropriately subserviant angle. Oh and wait until they close the door, never ever turn your back on your employer. Cultivate friendships with several black children so your children might have a companion to accompany them when they have to go out. This will reduce the likelihood other black children may harass them. These are simple rules but they've stood the test of time. I'm sure LAM's children will get the hang of it.


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