04 November 2008

Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,
by Schadenfreude
11/04/2008, 10:14 AM #

Some free advice.

1. Get out of Iraq. Remember Nixon. If you're not out in two years, it's your war. You do not want Iraq to be Obama's war.

2. The Cuban embargo. Puh-lease. End this hypocritical farce now. It hasn't worked and it's never going to work.

3. Raise taxes on the rich, but don't get carried away.

4. There is no earthly reason for the US to go to war with Iran. Leave Iran alone and they are likely to work their way into the 21st century sooner rather than later.

5. There is no earthly reason for conflict with Russia. When the USSR split apart, some parts of Russia left with it. Russia is just trying to put itself back together. Russia and Belarus will probably merge at some point in the near future. Ukraine should be encouraged to give some of its Russian bits back to Russia. There is no good reason for NATO to become involved with Georgia (sorry, Georgia, but it's true). Putin's no saint, but he's no demon, either.

6. Stop cozying up to Saudi Arabia - more specifically, to the Saudi royal family. They're a bunch of thieves and religious fanatics. Buy their oil because you have to, but you don't need to pretend that you like them. They don't care - they're only pretending to like you because the US has the money.

7. Israel. Support their defence - not their aggression. A tightrope, both internationally and domestically, but I'm confident you know what I mean.

8. Good luck.

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