08 September 2008

"I am certified and licensed in psychiatric nursing..."

Re: Trolls and parasites by definition do not post
by LaurieAnnM
09/08/2008, 3:27 PM #

ah..and it could be you as usual are a tad bit overly obessed with me as usual, Inky.
are you a psyche case?

Seriously I wonder...you remind me of the typical psyche case who looks up info. in the DSM.

What a weirdo you are!

and I am ceritfied and licensed in pyschiatric nursing...MAB...(management of assaultive behavior) which is a ..criteria and applied protocol necessity for working in Psyche as a Registered Licensed Nurse.

You are really overly obsessed with me Inky..really you are.

good lord! do you see me in your sleep ,too?!



California Business And Professions Code Section 2878:

The board may suspend or revoke a license issued under this chapter for misrepresenting professional credentials or licensure status...

source: California Business And Professions Code


laurie meegan, violation of vocational nurses act

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