18 March 2008

Hot Slutty Governor Action

Hot Slutty Governor Action
by topazz
03/18/2008, 9:17 PM #

I don't know. I'm thinking that if there was a tawdriness scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), Eliot Spitzer would definitely fall below the new Governor Paterson now - judging them solely by the hotels they frequented. There's quite a difference between the Mayflower Renaissance in DC as opposed to rekindling sloppy seconds at the Days Inn up the road from the Albany branch office. Kind of makes one wonder how that kind of disparity will play out in other areas.

But I digress. Yes indeed, there's nothing that amps up the action more than staying in a really great hotel. Wealth begets wealth, as they say.

I've stayed in a few grand hotels in my own seamy, tawdry past, and looking around here at the plethora of (ahem) seasoned posters, surely some of you must have your own luxury accommodations of preference? By far my absolute favorite hotel for a rendezvous of this nature would have to be The Pierre, in NYC

This hotel is just over the top superb. Enormous rooms with 20 foot ceilings. (Hmmm. Curious, how everything seems so much bigger in a great hotel) Spectacular beds with those huge pillowtop down mattresses and comforters, Central Park in all its splendor from every window (telescopes available from the Front Desk upon request). And of course, five star Room Service.

How about you?

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