29 February 2008


Thurs. OPP - news item ...
by Lunesta
02/29/2008, 7:43 AM #

Hi everyone,

Let me begin by thanking all of you who have participated in the Thursday OPPs for so long now -- both as Top Posters and initiators and as loyal, thought-provoking respondents. It's been fun for me to have served as weekly organizer for the past few months and I have enjoyed it. But my recent workload increase and some upcoming travel plans have combined to force me to decide to turn over 'the gavel," or the list-making, more accurately. Luckily for the Poems Fray, Mary Ann is once again available to take on this task and will do so, as of this week/for next week, and then, on an ongoing basis. I am grateful to her for being able to take up the OPP gauntlet, once again. I'm also quite proud of us here on the PFray, for keeping this idea going for so long now! When Kip Soteres and I originally came up with this concept so long ago (2003? 2004?), I doubt that either of us, or perhaps anyone on here, could have predicted that our OWN version of Mr. Pinsky's Tuesday posted poem, The Thursday OPP (Other People's Poetry), would have lasted this long. I also hope that more people will volunteer for OPP "duty," because, believe me, Top Posting one is not work at all, it is a labor of love and as much fun, really, for the Top Poster as for the respondents. I hope my schedule will permit me to continue to respond to the OPPs and have learned much and gained much from doing so to to this point.

Thanks again to all and special thanks, as always, to those brave souls who 'put up' their own, original work here.
And thanks, of course, to our own PFray Doyenne, Mary Ann.

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