01 November 2007

A Core Nursing Value: Integrity

So, did she post this before or after she was appalled with Tempo's and Lillith's behavior?


  1. When I think of integrity believe me, that's not something I associate with Laurie Ann M. What she and her good friends have done to me and my family put us under all kinds of strain and it was done for no other reason than to torture and hurt me. LAM admitted as much.

    I've had a stroke of which Laurie is very well aware even making fun of me for it...one would think a nurse would know better than to put such undue strain on someone like me.

    Sadly this is a pattern of abuse by Laurie perpetrated against not just me and my family but other posters on the Fray.

    When will it stop?

    Southern Gal

  2. Sandy: When you check your email, you will see that I finally found the the screenshot of Laurie Meegan telling everyone where your daughter was employed.

    I have sent you the original. But I need to know if it's okay with you if I upload it to the Frayback Machine (with the name of your daughter's employer blocked or hidden in some manner).

  3. to make it official...yes, you may!