08 August 2007

Die, Christian Missionaries, Die

Die, Christian Missionaries, Die
by chango
08/08/2007, 7:56 AM #

Yes it's sad when coal miners get buried alive, but I can't really get too worked up about it because no evil fascist dictator is forcing them down the coal mine. Yeah, I know they might not have much choice given the local economy and a family to support, and blah, blah, blah, but they chose to have that family to support in the first place and, well, I really don't want to bore you/me with a discussion of the economics of risk. I bet you can figure it out.

I was in Junior High when the first space shuttle exploded. My teacher was in tears. IN TEARS!!! I recall thinking that she must have known one of the astronauts. But it turns out she was just crying because some teacher died, and well, I guess she felt an affinity for teachers? Didn't make sense to me, because one day I passed by the teacher's lounge and overheard the nasty things teachers say about the other teachers they DID know. But anyway, my point is that surely those astronauts knew the risk of space travel, and were willing to take the risk in exchange for the fame and fortune of being an astronaut. So when they blow up every now and then, it's not so sad to me.

Don't get me started about Pat Tillman. Really, my first reaction wasn't "how horrible," but "serves him right." It seems the "tragedy" here is that he didn't really die a hero, because I guess to get hero status you need to get shot by the enemy? Boggles my mind, but apparently his death is now considered "a waste," because it was friendly fire???

And finally, we have those meddling Korean Christian missionaries. First of all, I bet if you asked any of them "Would you be willing to die for your beliefs?" they would have all answered "yes." Second of all, they were marching off into a war zone where kidnappings of foreigners was a definite possibility. Or hadn't they heard? No, my hunch is that's PRECISELY why they were thumping their Bibles in that general direction.

Which reminds me, dontcha think MLK probably had it coming?

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