20 June 2007

Locked posts and color coded boards

a fray poem
by daystar
06/20/2007, 9:59 AM

Locked posts and color coded boards

by daystar

Locked posts and color coded boards

simple hearts and sinister sores

lost in a world

of ongoing wars

it's not the same

as it was before

Peace, be still

now, look around you

is this the fray?

or is this you?

you came here

just to post some more

are you lost?

who's keeping score?

it's high technology

it's a loaded gun

it's fun -n- games

you better run

don't ask for mercy

from a crowd of one

everyone judges you

until they've won

so hang on tight

keep your head

look inside

and get out of bed

you can raise your voice

if you think that's right

you can listen up

or start a fight

so believe in yourself

or a higher you

but come to play

with others who

need your thoughts

to feed upon

while they tear you up

and steal your fun

it's a locked post

no need to reply

no that's not said here

the color is why

learn the culture

and look inside

the fray's around you

are you alive?

days, daysman

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