16 April 2006

Laurie Says Posting Emails is BAD.

Subject: RE: Ted and Ellen and Ele_ are right
From: Nightengale
Date: Apr 16 2006 5:27PM

posting personal e-mails has mong been a known violation of the Rules of the Road, as is, using the Fray Boards to attempt to publically dress down and personally humiliate a poster in a TOP POST.That is another violation of The Few clear Rules.

These are always posts that are meant to incite others to bring up their own past feelings of anger no matter how mis-conceived.

There will always be posters on the fray, as in life, that one or another will find difficult or distasteful to deal with but there.
But that's life.

If you can't follow even the most, basic rules of the road that are here soley to keep these crazed, inciting events from the fray, then you have no busines or maturity to post here.

If IREny was annoyed by a Tempo email why not just block her mail? What is the point of calling out the dogs of disgruntled, obsessives so they can further re-hash their obsessive need to go after Tempo like a crazed mad dog on crack?

It is childish in the extreme.

The top post is a clear violation of two Main Rules of the Road. No personal info. like email addys and no top posts addressing a personal poster, directly ,especially as a means to publically humiliate them.

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