15 March 2006

"What am I supposed to do here?"

Subject: RE: My reply was to AG60's
From: Contempo-Tempo
Date: Mar 15 2006 2:45PM

Thanks for the explanation.

Pls. check your mail again. You should have four
new items.




Subject: OT to T.
From: Bob_W
Date: Mar 15 2006 3:06PM


What am I supposed to do here? I found two posts in my Junk Mail
folder that were your "other ID" which Hotmail for some reason decided
was junk. They were copies of things you had sent before about your
hassle with 'his nibs.'

Then there was a regular e-m from you in my inbox that was also a copy
from Monday.

What dan I do? How can I help? I'm not an attorney (and you might want
to consult one), and I have never had any good results when I have
stuck my nose into your battles in the past.

What brought on the present threat anyway? Was it something you did or
was it just anger and vindictiveness on the other side? Sending me
copies of your correspondence with 'his nibs' does not help me. I need
you to explain how this started, what prompted the threat and what, if
any, harm would ensue if you called his bluff and he followed through?

As you know, I do not use the Fray as you do. I come here for
information and to express my political views. I do not know or have
much interest in the personalities of the denizens of the Fray, so am
often surprised, even confused, by your take on various Fraysters.
Please tell me how I can help.


Subject: RE: OT to T.
From: Contempo-Tempo
Date: Mar 15 2006 3:11PM

Well for starters, you could have emailed that, instead of posting it!

Pls. see the newer ones. Thanks.

What do I want you to DO? I'll think that over and get back to you.
two things, off the top of my head.

We are trying NOT to post about it, dear.



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