06 June 2005

I would never piss on a Koran

Subject: I would never piss on a Koran
From: IdesOfMarch
Date: Jun 6 2005 8:45AM

because it isn't worth the effort and would be a waste of good water. Besides, they burn better when they're dry.

It's always interesting, in a twisted perverse kind of way, to read the great outpouring of ersatz concern and compassion from the hypocritical liberal 5th Column upon such topics, demanding respect and careful treatment of the world's most violent and intolerant religion, and its various icons and criminals.

And those prisoners at Gitmo--those picked up among the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan--why they surely must be the very salt of the earth, right? No wonder there is such "concern" for their fair treatment and well being! And they just happen to be followers of Islam, don't they? Just a coincidence, is it?

Ignorance, hypocrisy, and treason--these seem to be the hallmarks of liberalism. I wish I had a dollar for each of the posts of the liberal flakes on the Fray who wrote that the casuality figures from Iraq proved that "they" were right and "we" were wrong!

They are siding with the people--mostly Islamic foreignors--who are bushwacking and killing U.S. and Iraqi soldiers and police, as well as private Iraqi citizens, foreign contractors, tourists, aid workers, etc, even as they, and their handlers and supporters, make it clear that they will allow no tolerance for other religions, hate democracy and freedom, and wish to impose the same brand of Islamic tyranny that is ruining so many other countries that it has infested!

Then they go a step further and denounce Bush for being willing to do something to stem the tide of tyranny and threats in the Mid-East and condemn the coalition for attempting--with some success to this point--to give Iraq a fighting chance to establish itself as a civilized country and help fight off its attackers.

Only brain-dead liberal airheads could arrive at the conclusion that casualty figures prove one thing when they clearly prove the opposite. If anything, the coalition--which means the U.S. with a tiny handful of token support--is not doing enough, and should be involved in other countries, like Sudan, and to hell with the griping of murderers, rapists, and hypocrites and their Western 5th Column supporters.

I just read an
article [sympaticomsn.ctv.ca] that says that the ICC is investigating charges against some 51 individuals in Sudan. Oh yeah, that's what we need in Sudan--more study! And then when the Islamic gov has wiped out the Sudanese population maybe they can study it some more.

Every one knows that the Islamic "government" of Sudan is currently engaged in the systematic killing, raping, and selling into slavery, of African Sudanese people. But hey, they're Muslims, so maybe they have a reason, right?--maybe some kid accidentally stuck a wad of chewing gum on somebody's copy of the Koran! Well, we don't know for sure, but I guess one pretext is as good as another when murder, rape, and territorial theft is your real mission.

Remember Nigeria? Mullahs ordered their faithful members to rush out in the streets and start killing people, obstensibly because some Muslim reporter had said that Mohammed might have liked the scantilly-clad beauties of a particular pageant. Wasn't that a great reason to butcher non-Muslim strangers at random? Oh dear God, no, surely the Holy Pervert wouldn't have liked pretty women and would have been proud of the campaign of murder that followed.

Let's just get off this silly shit, shall we, and call things as they are. We should respect those who respect others, and that does not include tyrants and terrorists, nor the barbarian sycophants of the world's most perverse religion.

And then there's Israel. The present mission in Iraq also involves Israel, of course. Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the region, with infinitely higher standards of civilization than its neighbors, so of course the hypocritical liberal 5th Column is very much opposed to them. Mind you, they are not opposed to the foreign Islamic organizations that are bleeding the Palestinians white and destroying their lives and future hopes for their own nefarious purposes. Oh no, it is liberal policy to honor and support the most wretched and disgusting abusers, while denigrating the defenders.

And the only thing worse than a regular anti-Semite is a Jewish anti-Semite! Naturally, these too are found among the liberal 5th Column.

Securing Iraq's national integrity and not allowing nukes among the rougue states of the Mid-East is necessary both for the protection of Israel and the advance of civilization, thus we must continue to oppose tyranny and hunt down and eliminate terrorists, until terrorism and tyranny stop, however long it takes, whatever it takes.

In today's world, no nation can truly isolate itself from world events. The fools who think otherwise (mostly liberals, naturally) are very much out of touch with reality. Our own protection, and the future of humanity, compels us to maintain the fight, and maintain vigilance all over the world. We have no legitimate body nor practical means for doing that at the present, but we should be doing it.

Of course, if your real mission on the Fray is to get Fraywatch mentions and that type of thing, you'll have to tell Dumb Ass what Dumb Ass wants to hear. That's understood. The real marvel is that the liberal 5th Column (most of them at least) appear to really believe the garbage they write and have adopted a curious brand of Newspeak that makes the definitions of "traitor" and "good guy" interchangable. As one writer put it, "The same people who bite the hand that feeds them also lick the boot that kicks them."


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