24 June 2005

how to project a massive inferiority complex:

Subject: how to project a massive inferiority complex:
From: locdog
Date: Jun 24 2005 1:23PM

1. play games with other posters. don't tell anyone it's a game. afterward, post on who won.

2. perform "experiments" in the fray. again, don't tell anyone they're being tested. offer your results along with a summary judgment.

3. whine perpetually about the injustice of the fray editor, the star system, the check system, cliques, the good old days, liberal domination of boards, conservative domination of boards, the absence of quality posters, and the price of rice.

4. carry on pointless, long-running flamewars with posters that every other poster in the fray has long since dismissed as an idiot.

5. treat the board as though it's a therapy group and the people in here actually know who you are or give a rip about what happens to you, i.e., be sure to spam us with every breakup, breakdown, breakfast, job interview, sexual encounter, failed assassination attempt, snag in your pantyhose, case of foot fungus, and goldfish death you may encounter.

did locdog leave anything out?


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