10 June 2005

Funny Thought

Subject: Funny Thought
From: Fracas
Date: Jun 10 2005 2:37PM

For 50 years the United States of America and it's European allies conspired to foment anarchy and poverty in third world nations.

If you wish to say it was a passive conspiracy and that no one was actively trying to achieve those results, they occured as a side effect of other policies, OK by me.

But those policies did in fact maintain the anarchy in the third world.

Selling arms legally and illegally, limiting credit or doling it out, black market purchases of minerals and empowering brutal dictators was all it took to keep those nations in a state of disarray. And that meant they could not compete with us on the economic battlefield.

Economics was predicted to be the battle ground of the future and the West took to the field and for 50 years conquered all the opponents that stood before them.

Good for them.

But to win, it was a requirement that the third world must be kept poor, ignorant and out of the battle. They could not be allowed to progress and develop although paying lip service to those goals was required to maintain appearances.

The people that took over the West when the old fighters retired did not have their father's steely grasp on the situation. The new ones had grown up spoilt, fat and content and didn't understand that while their fathers had conquered the wolf outside the door, they had not killed it. It still prowled and looked for weaknesses to exploit.

And it found one


When most factors are identical, we will buy the cheapest product offered. We don't care if it puts Bob down the street out of work, he can get a new job right?

So who had a pool of hungry and compliant workers ready to produce cheap products for low wages and in unsafe conditions?

The third world.

Who exported our businesses there (along with the tax base) or imported the cheap labor (who didn't demand benefits)?

Who was happy to look the other way while these third worlders were offered the labor that was once done in the West?


And if you were one of the few that didn't, 299 million other Americans cared so little about the situation that your efforts to stop the problem were useless.

Funny part?

Had we had really allowed those third worlders to progress just behind us (like many suggested), they wouldn't be attractive to those businesses today.......


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