20 April 2005

The Past Is The Past

Subject: The Past Is The Past
From: Galatea
Date: Apr 20 2005 8:17AM

Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder/ Kevin Arno ... Director.

William Holden/ Ted_Burke .... Joe Gillis
Gloria Swanson/ Tempo.... Norma Desmond
Erich von Stroheim/martingreene .... Max von Mayerling.

Plot Outline: Hack writer Joe Gillis tells of his excursions with delusional silent movie star Norma Desmond, who is taken care of and placated by Max, her husband and butler…

"Sunset Boulevard is a classic black comedy/drama, and perhaps the most acclaimed, but darkest film-noir story about "behind the scenes" Hollywood, self-deceit, spiritual and spatial emptiness, and the price of fame, greed, narcissism, and ambition.

With caustic, bitter wit in a story that blends both fact and fiction and dream and reality, co-writer/director Billy Wilder realistically exposes the corruptive, devastating influences of the new Hollywood and the studio system by showing the decline of old Hollywood legends many years after the coming of sound."


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