31 March 2005

Terri's gift.

Subject: Terri's gift.
From: MichaelRyerson
Date: Mar 31 2005 10:48AM

In thinking about this all-too-public tragedy, I'm struck with the one thing to come out of this, that will have a positive effect regardless of the manuvering to appropriate Terri Schiavo to one special interest group or another. I already see some commentators characterizing those saddened by her death as being primarily, or maybe even exclusively, those who had opposed her husband. I see that here on the fray. As though those of us who recognised his rights and responsibilities as her guardian weren't also deeply effected by her circumstances. We've seen this same manuver where support for the troops is concerned, that one must be a war supporter to really and truly support the troops. And now they will all pile on Terri's wasted corpse, twisting this way and that, looking for the most effective use of a new ensign. It will be a sad display in and of itself but it will not rival the profound sadness of her passing. And what 'good' can possibly come out of all this, what good that we can all share? Just this...we have all, as individuals now quietly contemplated how these personal, private tragedies play out, how long it takes to die without food or water, how resolute the living must be, we've considered in our own private moments what must be going on in the lives so closely associated with a severely injured, largely vegetative loved one. We've thought about these things in a personal way and thanks to Terri, we weren't able to simply turn away. We're all the better for it.


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