21 January 2005

Hiatus - Fray Poster Lies for Post Hits

Subject: Hiatus
From: AdamMorgan
Date: Jan 21 2005 7:36AM

I've decided to temporarily stop posting. When I feel better, perhaps when I can concentrate on something again, I'll start again. I hope this is going to be soon but judging by the way I feel, it's unlikely.

Sunday night, my wife and infant daughter were killed in a car crash. Driving home from the airport, where she dropped off a friend and was on her way to a grocery store, a drunk driver lost control of his SUV, jumped the median on the highway, and hit my wife's car head-on. Both my daughter and wife died immediately, I was told.

Quite honestly, I'm in so much in grief, I can barely function. Unfortunately, because I have a demanding job, it takes my all my concerntation to do basic tasks. The university has accomadated my request to not teach classes, but I still have many other responsibilities that I can't simply abandon. Posting on BOTF and other activities I did daily, such as reading the newspaper and meeting with students at cafes, simply has no interest for me.

The reason, then, I've decided to announce this is because I've found that I've developed strong sympathies for many of the posters. It's truly a shame this is a virtual forum. I'm quite curious what Fritz and his house in Alaska looks like. I wonder if Splendid_Ireny is as compassionate, friendly, and open-minded to her friends, family, and colleagues as she is on this forum. I believe that SF1 is as intelligent and compassionate as my graduate advisor, who won the Noble Prize. I would, actually, list everyone who I'm going to miss, but I'm so exhausted and so grief-filled, even this short post is difficult.

Hopefully, this year, I'll feel like myself again.


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