14 December 2004


Subject: Snowflakes
From: Daysman
Date: Dec 14 2004 7:39PM

In bits of rhythm, laced together by rushes of tethered thoughts
It fell upon my clothes, and brushed my eyelashes
Whispering thought in my ear, asking me why I care
So much, for what? The way I waste my years…
But I shrug them aside, a natural motion of pace
Moving ahead to my destiny, not straying in their
Beckons to relinquish the thoughts of the day
Tonight I'll gaze out my window and try to remember
What they told me, why I was here, what to watch for,
Why I should have strayed…
Why are they always right, when they come they cause panic
They fall into our lives, they take over our paths
Gentle, soft, but powerful, and in control of agenda and time
"Not that way!" they insist, "don't be so harsh!"
…give it time, it will carry, there's no need to rush
Remember your thoughts in your youth? The days
When cares were fleeting, when time was not the enemy?
Why do you make it a weight? Crush yourself with the lie?
Come look out at the moment, breathe the fresh humid puff
Stare at the cloud, your hot steam stirring with the cool reprise
If you rush, you will lose the chance to peer into the stillness
Steal one more invisible take of the lovely quiet,
the dream; You can't hold and can't let go
Like the quality of the misty air in front of you
Something you know so well and forget so readily
To not kill your life on the hard stuff
Return to the quiet, take back your own heart
That's what they were telling me
I hate them, they are so free to follow the wind
While I return to my room and worries of the night

(daysman's visit to the poems fray Wintersol contest)


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