04 March 2004

Help Me To Help You To Help Me To Help You...

Subject: Help Me To Help You To Help Me To Help You...
From: Ender
Date: Mar 4 2004 4:00PM

1. What is your most heretical heresy?

Or, to put it another way (since heresy evokes religion and I don't want the question to be limited to the theological), your most unpopular or contrary opinion/belief?

2. Self Diagnosis: We all have our quirks. Yours are symptomatic of what psychological disorder?

3. Mainly for those of you with higher education, but everyone can play. In all your experiences, what one question has intrigued you the most? To put it another way—if you were to devote the rest of your life to the pursuit of finding the answer to one question, what question would you choose?

4. Link to an old post of yours that you would like everyone to read.

(a href="www.com")link(/a)

5. Your Turn: The fray can get boring. From your answers to the above questions, I hope to get a better idea of who you are, what makes you tick, and perhaps most importantly, be introduced to some interesting ideas and concepts that will spark my imagination. With those goals in mind, conclude your response to my questions with a question for the audience of your own design.

The parentheses in Ender's "link" are mine. Blogger kept converting the brackets, so I made a substitution.

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