28 September 2003

Tempo Abdicates

Subject: Ironic though it may be, since I just
From: Tempo
Date: Sep 28 2003 10:23PM

spent an hour on the BOTF reading through a long thread
where a favorite poster of mine announces his resignation
from the Fray, it is regrettably time for me to do the same
thing over here.

I'll check in from time to time as a guest, if I may, but it's
clearly time for me to leave this place.

A Fray that won't accept, with respect and consideration, a
serious and well-thought-out post about our current political
and international disaster, even when that post is focused on
poetry and states in a clear prose introduction as to why it is
being written, is NOT a Fray where I care to hang out any

I wish you all the best, but my usefulness here is
clearly done.

Powder, thanks for pushing me over the edge with your
well-meant but inaccurate poem; I've needed to do this for a
long, long time. If you ever get your cowboy self down to the
City, I'm still buying lunch.

Mary Ann, you want this throne so badly? Take it, it's all
yours. And I hope you find the courage to try to write a
poem someday; I truly do.

Ted, thanks for fighting the good fight but it's clearly a
losing one, over here. I will follow your fine work with

I write this with sadness but finality.
Everybody knows where and how to reach me.

I will post my poems on the BOTF from time to time; if
you-all ever figure out how to break out of the confines
of this little isolated Eden, you can find them over there.
And 'as always, any and all comments will be welcome." :-)

And I will continue to email to the core group for responses
to the new poems, with one obvious exception.

Best to all
and to most, LOVE,

Tempo (Contempo that was)


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