04 April 2001

Active Military Member Response

Subject: Active military member response
From: Doug
Date: Apr 4 2001 8:13PM

1) Naval aircrew only cary arms in a hot zone. I have installed the pistol holsters into theyre survival equipment before in the Gulf. It is also optional to the aircrew. There is no threat where the P-3 was flying until the event ocurred. They were not in a position to resist, other than to hold the aircraft door handle manually.

2) This kind of intercept is common to U.S. Navy planes. We do it, they do it, everybody does it. It is military flexing known as Power Projection used to show all nations of our naval presence. This keeps countries in check. The Soviets have just recently caught us off guard and buzzed the flight deck of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. I was on the flight deck when it happened so I know it to be true. When a Soviet Recon Plane, very simaler to the P-3 Orion now in custody, flew into Kitty Hawk airspace, we reacted just as the Chinese have here. We intercepted and flew adjacent to them for great distances, taking photographs of it as we went. My point, Naval aviators repeatedly see this kind of contact. They are trained to deal with it. They would never manuever and place their aircraft at risk causing this incident. Especially in a slow moving P-3 aircraft. Now if you were in a hotrod fighter aircraft men/boys, might you do a little hot dogging to show your strength. Possibly. Would you try to out manuever a Ferreri in a Greyhound bus? My guess is the Chines airman was responsible. 23 aircrew to 1, I'll bet on the U.S. Why, I know the integrity of a Naval Aircraft Commander, 1st hand. I live and work with them daily, and I respect them for the harm they face on a day to day basis.

3) Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. Someone on this even used the word "Chink" on this post page. People like you are causing half the problems in this world. And you are a veteran. I'm ashamed to be associated with you. We are not out here protecting you from a "race". But from agression. Keep your racist remarks to yourself. I'm out here defending our wonderfull melting pot called the U.S.A. You are holding freedom back with your comments. I would go on, but I have to get back to work. I have a nation to defend. You go head to the bar and do your bitching from there.


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