05 January 2001

Boycott Slate's Advertisers

Subject: Fray Response to Clinton Assessment
From: history guy
Date: Jan 5 2001 10:05 AM

Yet again, Kinsley's minions at Slate show they are totally biased, far to the left/right of America. Why can't you just report the news, like they do on NPR/FoxNews.

Everyone knows that the strong economy is (proof that Clinton is the best world leader since Hamurabbi) (entirely the accomplishment of Reagan and the House Republicans).

And the Lewinsky affair demonstrates only that (Clinton's enemies would go to any lengths to destroy him even though they did they were all getting blow jobs from interns at the same time) (Clinton should be disbarred, imprisoned, and castrated, because we take perjury very seriously).

[In this paragraph all words are correctly spelled and sentences properly punctuated. It is an unattributed cut and paste, approxiantely on point, from the wittiest posting today on either opinionjournal.com (probably Peggy Noonan) or Tompaine.Com (usually David Corn)].

In fact, the best evidence of the real Clinton legacy is: [unattributed cut and paste of some bizarre "news story" from Newsmax.com or Orivetti.Com], which the major media have curiously refused to report on.

Also, now that W. has won/stolen the election, we should move on to other things.

Since Slate persists in publishing this garbage, I propose an organized boycott of all of its advertisers.

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